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As a Network, CORE Member firms collaborate to provide the following services:

Tenant Representation
Tenant Representation specialists represent clients in acquiring facilities through lease or purchase, restructuring or disposing of surplus property. The Tenant Representation specialty systematically assists clients in developing a portfolio strategy, defining facility space requirements, identifying and evaluating alternatives, negotiating lease and acquisition documents as well as orchestrating the process of building out and moving into new facilities.

Leasing and Management
The CORE Network provides clients with professional property management and leasing services. Our fundamental operating theory is that superior real estate management is essential to the realization of maximum return on investment. Leasing and management specialists often contribute significantly to corporate occupancy assignments either as the local market representatives for a transaction or as a team member who coordinates the physical and technical evaluation of the client’s occupancy alternatives.

Investment Advisory Services
The investment group of the network is utilized on a regional and national basis to advise our corporate and institutional clients about investment opportunities both nationally and internationally. These services are geared to assist not only the local investor and developer, but also the large institutional investors, international investment groups and REITs in strategic acquisitions to their portfolios. Our network of investment personnel throughout the country provides us with access to opportunities that may not be available through the normal course of business. The success of the investment division is based on each of our business partners’ in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and opportunities that exist not only today, but also in the future.

Facility Management
The Facility Management team provides a menu of services for facilities owned and occupied by corporate clients. This team of specialists focuses on bringing experience and professional facility management resources and procedures to the practice of managing corporate owned and occupied facilities. The goal of this team is to deliver the highest level of service to space users and to create greater efficiency at reduced costs.

Construction Management
The Construction Management team performs construction management and project management services related primarily to the construction or renovation of clients’ facilities. This specialty provides the Network’s clients with estimating, budgeting, scheduling, project management, general contracting and value engineering services. Construction Management specialists often contribute significantly to Tenant Representation assignments as team members are called upon to address many issues related to the build- out of the client’s facilities.

Development Management
The Development Management team acts as the “Quarterback” in managing the development of commercial real estate. This team typically conducts its business either for clients who want to own or occupy the property or for corporate or institutional clients who want to enter into joint ventures.

Finance/Investment Banking
The Finance Team is the real estate investment-banking arm of the Network. This group serves the real estate finance and transaction needs of major corporate and institutional clients. Additionally, they assist local, regional and national developers by bringing capital and negotiating expertise to the acquisition, financing and sale of major real estate assets.

 Portfolio Management
The CORE Network’s portfolio management system is utilized to provide lease administration and portfolio management to corporate clients with numerous facilities both leased and owned. Additionally, our management system provides a complex tracking system for institutional clients to assess the value of their portfolio and track expirations within their projects. This complex and proprietary system allows not only for database management of a company or institution’s portfolio, but a comprehensive analysis of that data to allow our clients to make more informed business decisions while providing greater access to available information relative to their real estate portfolio. The CORE Network has the ability to create a customized administrative system and provide all aspects of monitoring and updating of that system. If desired, we can provide this system to the client in a finished format so that they can internally administer a ready-made system, or the network can provide complete outsourcing of these functions.

Strategic Planning Services
Strategic service specialists help corporations and professional organizations develop effective longrange strategies for their real estate activities. Strategic planning professionals employ a range of unique analytical methods to identify significant real estate opportunities and integrating those opportunities within the broader business and financial objectives of these clients.

The Advisory Team encompasses all of the activities of each firm related to the investment in and management of our clients’ real estate assets. This advisory team is utilized in a long-range advisory capacity to assist our clients in strategic placement of funds and to allow them to maximize their return on investment and position themselves for growth into the twenty-first century. Additionally, this advisory team will assist corporate users of real estate on how to better utilize their in-house real estate functions, or if outsourcing should be utilized and to what capacity. These services are typically provided on a consulting basis. The advisory team’s purpose is to forge long term relationships with our clients while providing value added advice.

Research, Analysis and Planning
Research, analysis and planning are fundamental to all aspects of our business. The ability to provide our corporate clients with meaningful market data is crucial to understanding the cyclical nuances of the real estate market. By pooling The CORE Network members’ knowledge and expertise, each an authority in their respective market areas, we are able to fully comprehend and anticipate trends and participate with our clients in the planning and implementation of their real estate objectives. The research departments at each of the respective member firms are staffed with experienced personnel who collect and maintain current data critical to our clients. This information includes historical transaction and ownership records, leasing and occupancy statistics, product availability, as well as economic trends and indicators.